The NotYetPro Team
The NotYetPro management team consists of:

Tyree Powell

Co-Founder & CEO

Do what you love.


Tyree Powell is a lifelong athlete and has never been able to sit still. A former competitive swimmer, and now coach, he still enjoys swimming as well as running, basketball, snowboarding, and biking, tennis & soccer with his family and friends. Some athletic accomplishments include… PDR Swimming Alumni, 4-time high school swim team champions, 3-time high school individual swimming champion, 4-time Philadelphia School District Public League All-Public honors, and a All-Conference NCAA Division I student athlete at Towson University.

Professionally, Tyree is a seasoned project manager with over 20 years experience in web & application development. He has a diverse background working for startups, creative agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. His expertise spans across business analysis, design, technical development, testing, marketing, and training.

His love for athletics, technology, and connecting with people around the world is how NotYetPro was born. He will not rest until NotYetPro represents the new paradigm in international amateur athletics.

Karema Akilah

Co-Founder & COO

Be it. Do it. Have it.


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Karema Akilah earned her B.S. in elementary education from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She was employed by Howard County Public Schools, until she resigned to become a full time mother and home educator of The Half Dozen, the 6 children born to Karema Akilah and her husband, Ser Greene.  After 20 years of marriage full of homeschooling children and assisting her husband in his many business ventures, Ser Greene succumbed to cancer in 2016. She was faced with a choice; disrupt the family further by placing the children in school and finding employment, or taking what she gleaned from her husband and striking into the entrepreneur world. She chose to honor the last conversation she had with her husband the day before he died; she promised him she would assist Tyree Powell, his business partner and originator of NotYetPro. In addition to her role as COO of NotYetPro, Karema Akilah is the owner of GreeneHouse Publishing, The LOL Company and the Founder of The Genius School. A member of her beloved sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Karema Akilah has held prominent positions of leadership including president of a chapter. 

She enjoys laughing with TheHalfDozen, learning, singing, traveling, doing impossible things and solving complex problems in the most imaginative way.